What does GiftPro cost?

Our pricing is percentage based. There are no setup fees, fixed monthly fees, or support fees.

Because we collect the payment of your online orders initially, we take on the transaction fee which is a percentage of the total order value. We bundle this in to a slightly higher percentage, which then covers unlimited use of the GiftPro platform, ongoing support and product development. This model also makes working with us risk-free: if you have a particularly quiet month, there’s very little cost. If you have a busy month, and you’re using the system a lot, the cost is a little higher to reflect this.

If you’re currently selling gift vouchers online, we’ll agree a percentage with you based on your existing sales figures. If you’re not already selling your vouchers online, we’ll look at similar clients and agree a fair rate.

We also provide and optional fulfilment service, which removes the need for you to print, pack and post your customers’ orders each day. We charge a small fulfilment fee to do this, and the Royal Mail charge their postage fee. Generally speaking, these costs are covered by the fees you charge your customers to have their vouchers delivered to them.

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No setup fees, monthly fees or design fees.

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