How To: Create promotional codes

Oct 25, 2018 | How to guides

Creating promotional codes couldn’t be easier, here’s a simple guide on how it’s done.

  1. Login

    Once you’re logged in, click ‘Vouchers’ in the main navigation bar, then click ‘Promotional codes’. Finally, click ‘+ Create Code’ to start.

  2. Information

    Firstly, you’ll need to add some basic information for you promo code.


    Name is the title of your promo code. We recommend naming the promo code in relation to the campaign you are running, for example ‘Christmas 10% campaign’. The name is only ever seen in the admin area.


    This is the code your customers will enter to receive their discount in the check out process, for example ‘XMAS10’. We recommend only using alpha numeric characters and avoiding special characters for your code.


    This is simply the status of the promo code: Choose live or inactive. If you have no live codes running, the promo code entry box won’t appear in the checkout process.


    If you only have access to one property then you won’t need to edit this field. If you have access to more than one then select the property that your promo code relates to.

    Save + continue

    At this stage click ‘Save Changes’ and you will now see some additional settings.

  3. Settings

    Now, you’ll need to set up a few settings to finalise your promotional code.


    Choose whether the promotional code discounts a percentage amount or fixed amount. Select an option and specify an amount.

    Restrict by date or time

    If you’d like your promo code to only be accepted during a specific period, tick this box and select a start and end date/time, then click ‘Apply’.

    Restrict by voucher

    If you’d like your promo code to only be applicable to specific vouchers, tick this box and select the vouchers it applies to. Once selected the voucher will appear on the right hand side. You can remove a voucher from the selected list by clicking on it.

    Offline order use only

    Tick this box if you’d like the promo code to be used for offline orders only. An offline order is one that is placed by your staff while logged in to the admin area.

  4. When you have completed the steps above click ‘Save Changes’.

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