How to: Setup flash sales

Oct 29, 2018 | How to guides

Create a sense of urgency by limiting voucher quantities and displaying the number remaining on the voucher page, a great way to drive engagement without discounting.

  1. Login

    Once you’re logged in, click ‘Vouchers’ in the main navigation bar, then click ‘All Vouchers’ and choose the voucher you’d like to add quantity limits to.

  2. Visibility

    Firstly, select ‘Limit quantity’ and then enter the total quantity of vouchers you’d like to sell in the ‘Remaining stock’ box.

    Show Quantity

    If you’d like to make it easy for customers to purchase more than one voucher at a time, you’ll need to tick the ‘Show quantity input box’.

    Show remaining stock

    If you’d like to show the quantity remaining on the voucher page, you’ll need to tick the ‘Display remaining quantity’ box.

    Describe as

    This is where you can edit the description for the remaining stock showing on the voucher page, for example ‘vouchers remaining’ will show after the quantity remaining as ’37 vouchers remaining’.

  3. When you have completed the steps above click ‘Save Voucher’.

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