We’re building the future of eCommerce for hospitality

Our mission is to help hospitality businesses unlock the power of their brands and drive more direct revenue.

Giftpro was born from a deep love of hospitality and a firm belief that any brand, big or small, should be able to give their customers a digital experience they’ll love.

As a team, most of us have worked together for years and we’re proud to have helped some of the world’s most renowned hospitality and eCommerce companies achieve better results online.

Throughout that period, we often encountered problems with the systems our clients used – we knew they deserved better and we knew we could do better.

The result? Giftpro, and since our launch in 2014 we’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients who share our same passion for progress and innovation.

We believe that our uniqueness lies in our results-orientated mindset, and our vision is for a suite of products that won’t just help our clients grow, they’ll also grow with them.


Our core goals

To re-invent eCommerce for hospitality, one problem at a time

Your systems should unlock the potential of your people and your brand, not compete with them. We’ve already fixed a lot, but our work is never finished.

To build sustainable products that are open and human centred

We’re long term thinkers who believe that open software benefits our clients and their customers much more than closed ‘do-it-all’ systems.

To give back more than we take, to both our people and our environment

A business should be about more than profit, so we actively invest in the wellbeing of our people and offset our impact on the planet where possible.

Where we're based

Our HQ is based in the beautiful New Forest National Park, conveniently situated between Southampton and Bournemouth and only 1.5 hours from London.

Stirley House, Ampress Lane, Ampress Park Lymington, Hampshire SO41 8LW
02381 290555

Part of

Giftpro is proudly part of ClearCourse – a UK-based technology group that provides software and payments for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including start-ups, national retailers, many of the best-known charities, and notable brands across various sectors.

The group has a mission to build brilliant businesses by integrating the best software, payments, services and people, and we believe that by being part of ClearCourse, we can continue to scale and grow our business, and ultimately keep improving our software for you.

Being part of a larger group brings several benefits to our business – and our customers, too.

As we are part of a larger group of software and payments platforms, we can tap into the knowledge and experience of our fellow ClearCourse businesses.

If there’s a chance to integrate our software to offer a better solution, we’ll take it. If there’s the opportunity to work strategically with them to enhance what we can offer you, we’ll do so.

From a growth and stability perspective, being part of ClearCourse means we’re backed financially, so we can continue to invest in and develop our platform.

We can also tap into learnings from many other ClearCourse businesses working in the Charity and Commercial sector – meaning our platform will always evolve to ensure it’s as relevant as possible for you.

Visit the ClearCourse website