Add gift voucher redemption to your online booking flow

Customer benefit

Provide a better online experience by allowing customers to redeem monetary gift vouchers as part of their online booking journey, without any staff interaction.

Business benefit

Save valuable admin and accounting time by automatically checking validity, subtracting the voucher value from the booking total and adding the redemption data to your PMS.

Hotel booking system

1 2 3

Cosy double

Booking summary

1x Cosy double
2x Adults
24th - 26th June
Monetary voucher - £150.00
Order total £240.00

Enter gift voucher code


Check validity and redeem gift vouchers in your POS

Customer benefit

Deliver an accurate bill with the customers’ gift voucher credit applied to the total and make the payment process as simple as paying with cash or card.

Business benefit

Speed up the billing process by giving staff the ability to check the validity and redeem gift vouchers inside your POS, all without switching software.

Point of sale terminal

Gift voucher

Enrich your single customer view, send data to your CRM

Customer benefit

Provide a more personalised experience and reward loyalty by understanding your customers’ lifetime values in even more detail.

Business benefit

Get one step closer to a truly centralised customer view and receive greater accuracy over customer lifetime values by integrating gift voucher, ticket and redemption data.

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Jack Smith

Purchase history

10/08/19 Monetary gift voucher £50.00
06/09/18 3x Adult tickets £66.00

Customer activity

Room service icon 11/08/19 - 11:07 Room service £22.50
Dining icon 10/08/19 - 21:57 Dinner at restaurant £57.80
10/08/19 - 14:27 Gift voucher purchase £50.00
Coffee icon 10/08/19 - 13:06 Coffee & cake £7.50
WiFi icon 10/08/19 - 10:24 Wifi sign on 27 mins
06/09/18 - 10:48 Ticket purchase £66.00
WiFi icon 06/09/18 - 08:44 Wifi sign on 13 mins
Coffee icon 05/09/18 - 16:01 Coffee £2.50

Get creative and build your own unique interfaces

If limitless creativity is essential then the Giftpro API is the ultimate way to achieve your vision.

By using Giftpro headlessly you’ll be able to take control of every single pixel, re-design interactions to match your brand, distribute gift vouchers across multiple websites, apps and lots more.


"productID": "6293",

"domainID": "479",

"name": "Luxury organic afternoon tea",

"permalink": "luxury-organic-afternoon-tea",

"status": "Live",

"price": 29.95,

"visibility": "Public",

"class": "standard",

"created": "2018-09-10 13:37:01",

"updated": "2018-05-10 09:40:11",

"meta": {



Luxury organic afternoon tea

Luxury organic afternoon tea


for 2 people

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