Life's easier with Giftpro

And you’ll see why from the moment you get started.

Is it easy to switch to Giftpro?

Yes. One of our friendly success managers will guide you through every step and we’ll even deal with your old provider if it helps. Here are some of the other things we’ll do for you…

  • Design your online store
  • Upload your vouchers, products & events
  • Import your historic data
  • Setup users & permissions
  • Train your team
  • Setup custom reports

Can you import all of my data?

Yes. No matter how far back in time your data goes, we’ll be able to re-format and import it into Giftpro. It’ll make you feel like we’ve worked together forever.

  1. Provide your data

    Export your data for us or give us access to your existing provider and we’ll do it for you.

  2. We'll prep it for you

    No matter how old school your data format we’ll make sure it’s prepped for the future.

  3. Then we'll import it

    We’ll upload everything to Giftpro and tag legacy orders so you have a clear divide.

Can I get help from a real person?

Of course you can. We believe that the service we provide is as important as the product we build, so you’ll have direct access to our support team who can help you with things like…

  • Getting the most from Giftpro
  • Exporting and understanding data
  • Growing your eCommerce revenue
  • Integrating Giftpro with other systems
  • Training new staff (if they need it)
  • Marketing your vouchers, products & events

Is Giftpro worth switching to?

Of course, but that’s easy for us to say. We’d recommend doing a bit of due diligence as part of your decision-making process…

Some common questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, talk directly to our team via live chat or give us a call on 02381 290555

Will I save money by using Giftpro?

Quite possibly. If you sell gift vouchers, products or tickets already then we’ll be able to provide a tailored quote that factors in the estimated increase in sales you would get by switching to Giftpro (Typically somewhere between +30% and +180%, depending on your current setup).

You’ll also benefit from no setup fees, fixed monthly fees or support fees so we usually work out as the best value for money overall.

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Will I really sell more?

Most likely yes! In fact, 86% of Giftpro clients have dramatically increased their sales and this even includes those who have switched from other systems. We’re an honest bunch so we can’t make any guarantees, but we do go above and beyond to help you achieve your sales goals.

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Can I compare Giftpro to my current system?

We don’t tie you into a long term contract, so if you wanted to give us a go and compare year on year sales it’d be very easy to do so. To make the comparison even easier we’ll help you sift through your old data and pro-actively provide comparable reports if you need them.

Learn about how to compare us to your current system by contacting our sales team here.

How long will it take to switch to Giftpro?

Our dedicated launch team can have you switched in anything from 24 hours to five days depending on the scale of your store. We’ll normally advise on ways in which you can improve your offering, which can add a little time to the setup process, but like-for-like switches are normally very quick.

Get a switch time estimate by contacting our sales team here.

Can you use my existing packaging materials?

Yes. Simply send us your current stock and we’ll use it for future orders. You can also send us your artwork and we’ll use our buying power to see if we can get it produced more cost-effectively for you.

Learn more about packaging

Will I be locked into a contract?

No. We don’t lock down our clients into long term contracts and only ask for 30 days notice. We believe that cloud software should give businesses more agility and if your circumstances change you should be able to move to the right system at the right time.

We also find that by giving you the freedom to leave we’re even more incentivised to keep our product ahead of the curve. In other words, we want you to want to use us.

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