Video personal messages

With an emailed gift voucher, customers can now share personalised video messages with their loved ones.


Making it personal

We’ve elevated our digital gift voucher experience, making it more exciting to receive than just your standard email, more personal and providing an opportunity for your customers to interact with your brand straight away.

Gift vouchers

Purchase gift voucher

In the checkout you can choose to have the voucher emailed to the recipient on a specified date and time.

Add video message

After purchase, a video message can now be uploaded to the order at any time until the email is sent, adding that personal touch.

Opening experience

Included with all voucher orders is a link to our revamped digital opening experience, enhancing the recipient’s journey and presenting video personal messages in the best possible way.

Record a video message

Express your sentiments beyond words. Giftpro now enables customers to include a personal video message with each emailed gift voucher order, sent directly to their loved ones.

  • Add a truly personalised touch to your gifting experiences
  • Capture a video from anywhere in the world and seamlessly add it to each order

Your order

Monetary Gift Card - £50

Delivery method: Email
Recipient email:
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Upload video
Upload a video message for your recipient to enjoy when they receive their gift?
Uploading Video uploaded!

Upload video

Once customers have completed their order, they’ll have the opportunity to seamlessly upload their recorded video message, with our brand new streamlined user journey.

  • Streamlined post checkout upload process
  • Upload your special message from anywhere
  • Bespoke upload user journey


You have received a gift voucher

Happy Birthday Eduardo
Sorry we couldn't be with you
But we'll catch up soon

£50 Gift Card

The ultimate digital opening experience

Our digital opening experience has gone through a ground up re-design, to elevate the recipients experience and showcase video personal messages to the fullest.

  • Opportunity for customers to interact with your brand
  • Replay your video message over and over
  • Interactive opening experience