Hotels by Sheetz see a dramatic increase in sales since partnering with Giftpro

After successfully launching their prestigious hotel brand throughout the Netherlands, Hotels by Sheetz has experienced continuous growth and success. Their recent growth has been facilitated by their strategic collaboration with Giftpro, which has enabled them to amplify their gift voucher revenue and provide their customers with fresh and captivating experiences across all their hotels.

Working with the Hotels by Sheetz team has been an absolute delight. We have had the wonderful opportunity to assist them in integrating with Mews, a valued partner of Giftpro. This integration enables them to effortlessly redeem vouchers on Giftpro, seamlessly assign them to guests with reservations or bills on Mews (their property management system). The redeemed value can be deducted from the guest’s bill or utilised as credit on their account. Such integrations not only empower our clients to thrive but also exemplify the immense advantages of fostering strong working relationships.

Giftpro is an e-commerce platform that helps Grand Hotel ter Duin grow their gift voucher revenue. The connection with Mews allows the team to easily search their existing customer database, check for open bills with Giftpro and synchronise payment status. So far, the hotel has increased sales by 80% without any big promotions or manual marketing push.

Gideon de Vries

Hotel manager

A Hotels by Sheetz classic gift voucher packaging

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Alexandra Geary Marketing manager

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