Capture more data with Mailchimp + Giftpro

Mailchimp is known as an email marketing platform but is now a much more integrated marketing suite. By integrating Mailchimp with Giftpro you’ll be able to add another way for your customers to subscribe to your marketing messages whilst maintaining more accurate customer communication preferences.

Integration benefits

  • Add a 'subscribe to newsletter' option to your Giftpro checkout and send data to a subscriber list.
  • Keep your customers subscription settings in sync across your business.
  • Segment Giftpro users into their own list for re-marketing purposes.

How to get set up

Whether you use Mailchimp already or are looking to use them soon, simply fill out the form, give us a call on 02381 290555, use live chat or contact us here. Alternatively contact your Mailchimp Account Manager.

Useful information

Visit the Mailchimp website: