Dashboard version 2 – New feature roundup

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We promised to keep making Giftpro better, more powerful and more useful so we’re pleased to announce that your second generation dashboard will be ready to use in January 2017. With new, powerful features, an optimised interface and a more intuitive user experience we’re literally hopping up and down with excitement to reveal some of our favourite updates designed to help you and your staff increase your gift voucher revenue stream even more next year. 

Enhanced Google & Facebook integration

Your marketing team will love this – Giftpro now has end-to-end tracking for Google PPC adverts, Google Re-Marketing adverts and Facebook adverts (pixel tracking), plus, you’ll be able to dig for deeper insights with our enhanced Google analytics integration allowing you to view conversion funnel data and eCommerce goals as you would your main website. To top it off, we’ve also optimised your store’s products to include micro-data so that when you or your customers share a voucher, Google and Facebook will understand that it’s a product and display it in a user friendly format.

International delivery

This ones a biggie! Up until this point we have only offered customers of Giftpro stores the ability to have their vouchers delivered in the UK, but due to our rapid growth we’ll now be offering international delivery so customers can buy your vouchers worldwide (if you want them to). Plus, for those of you who have properties all over the world you’ll be happy to hear that we’re currently setting up dedicated fulfilment centres in key countries, so scaling your gift voucher revenue globally will soon be as simple as saying ‘lets go!’

Multi-property login

With our client base expanding at an astounding rate we’ve had many a conversation regarding new features that could make Giftpro even more efficient for you and your team. A common request was the ability to login to one dashboard and manage all of your properties from a centralised view. This made perfect sense for the larger groups and non-indie brands, so we’re pleased to say that this will be a feature of the second generation dashboard, available to use in 2017. Like most of Giftpro’s features this will be completely configurable based on permissions and team locations.

SEO enhancements

Our mission is to help our clients sell more gift vouchers. So we’ve implemented some crafty new SEO techniques which are designed to help users find your products faster and more accurately no matter where they are searching from on the web.

Universal search

As your orders increase and your system fills with more data it can take a while to find a customer or a particular voucher so we’ve completely re-built the search functionality to allow you to search for anything, from anywhere. Rather than having to drill down through reams of data or having to load up a specific dashboard screen you can now just hit search and start typing anything, including order number, customer name/address, voucher name… you get the idea.

Partial redemption

A popular request from our helpful clients has been the ability to redeem part of a voucher. For example, a customer just wants to spend £50.00 of their £100.00 voucher and save the rest for later, so this new feature does exactly what it says on the tin. You can now partially redeem monetary vouchers, therefore avoiding those awkward conversations about credit left over.

Multi-buy for offline orders

There’s often a need for reception staff and online customers to buy the same voucher multiple times. For example, one client regularly sends 20+ complimentary vouchers to another local company. Equally, some customers want to reward all their staff with the same voucher at Christmas. We know this process currently takes a little longer than we’d like it to so we’ve streamlined the way this works with multi-buy. It sounds flashy but we’re really just talking about the addition of a quantity box designed to give you a little extra time to focus on the important things like making the brews, perhaps?

Thanks for using Giftpro

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