Giftpro now accepts Apple, Google and Microsoft pay

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In our continual pursuit to improve conversion rates and deliver on our promise to build the industry’s leading gift voucher software we’re excited to reveal that all Giftpro stores now accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay on compatible mobiles, tablets and laptops.

Furthermore, all three payment methods offer increased security and reduce friction at the point of conversion by eliminating the need for your customers to enter their card or billing details. The customer simply scans their fingerprint (or face if they own an iPhone X) and the order is complete!

Thanks to some clever engineering Giftpro magically recognises which browser and device your customer is using so if they have Microsoft Pay or Google Pay setup, your store will offer one of these popular methods instead. There’s nothing you need to do and no changes to your billing or fees.

All three of the following payment methods are now live on your store, here’s a little more detail on each one…

What is Apple Pay? 

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What is Google Pay?

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What is Microsoft Pay?

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Update: Since the software update we’ve seen an incredibly high adoption rate. Tens of thousands of transactions have been processed using all three payment methods which makes up about 8.3% of all gift voucher orders.

Over the next few months we’ll be monitoring other performance metrics to asses the full effect of each method but so far the results suggest that Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay and Google Pay are the unquestionable future of mobile payments.

Find out more about Payments in our FAQs

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