Hide Restaurant Interior

If you’re visiting Piccadilly, a meal at HIDE is a must. Set across 3 floors of carefully designed environments, HIDE’s interior is simply enchanting.

Everything from the beautiful handmade crockery to the unbelievable ‘organic’ staircase has been thoughtfully designed and sourced from true masters of their craft. This same respect for simple, artisanal quality runs through Ollie’s menu, which has been designed to protect the flavour of well-sourced produce, whilst being presented with such originality, your meal will feel like a work of art. 

Having worked with Giftpro over a three year period, I have been impressed with how they have used feedback from their clients to make improvements to the system.

Besides providing an excellent product at a very reasonable rate, the whole team are always extremely efficient and friendly to deal with. I cannot recommend Giftpro enough.

Hide restaurant, Reservations Manager, Georgi Davneport on Giftpro's turquoise background

Georgi Davenport

Reservations Manager

We’re proud to have worked with HIDE since early 2018, a firm favourite amongst our design team for both their photography and their beautifully designed gift voucher packaging.

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Working with Giftpro is a joy. They look and feel like an in-house gifting site and deliver seamlessly a third party service with super customer service.

David Moore Owner

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Jason Atherton plating up an exquisite fine dining experience

Working with Giftpro has been a breeze and I would highly recommend it to anyone! Doing so has increased our business significantly.

Monica Mahl Reservations Manager

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