Maximise your gift voucher revenue this season

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To make sure you’re geared up for a record year (and a super happy management team) we’ve put together 6 mini-guides that show you how to utilise some of our new and lesser known features to create urgency, increase conversions and boost revenue whilst everyone’s in buy mode!

Ramp up conversions with promo codes

Looking for a way to incentivise customers without running blanket discounts across your store? Use our handy promo code feature to run per voucher deals (that are activated by entering a code during checkout) and send it out to engaged customers via email or social.

Clinch the sale with special offers

If you’re looking to incentivise everyone who visits your store then special offers are the simplest way to do it. When you activate a special offer on a specific voucher the ‘SALE’ tag will appear and it will also display the discounted price in a different colour.

Drive January business with limited validity

A lot of recipients will spend money on other things when they arrive at your venue so why not increase low-season footfall by selling a gift voucher that must be redeemed in January or February? This works really well when combined with a special offer or promo code.

Get ready for Black Friday with scheduling

There are loads of great opportunities to drive gift voucher sales throughout the year and scheduling allows you to prep for them in advance. For example, on Black Friday you’ll probably want all of your exclusive or discounted vouchers to go live at midnight and disappear the following night – scheduling allows you to automate this.

Run flash sales with quantity limits

By borrowing the limited quantity tool from our new ticketing feature you can create a flash sale really easily. Simply find the voucher that you want to limit, set the quantity and then tell your customers how few there are left! It’s a great way to create a sense of urgency without discounting.

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