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An apple pay mockup on a dark blue textured background

August 2018

New features

Giftpro now accepts Apple, Google and Microsoft pay

We're excited to reveal that all Giftpro stores now accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay on compatible mobiles, tablets and laptops.
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Sam Lynch

Client Services

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July 2018

New features

Easily see which vouchers have been redeemed within any given date period

When you visit the Redeem Voucher page, you'll now see just the vouchers that have been redeemed at your location.
Man with folded arms wearing a grey jumper, short brown hair, beard and glasses.

Tim Kirtley


Beach icon with sky blue and sand coloured background

September 2017

New features

A summer filled with new features

Since our last feature update at the end of 2016 our dev team have been busy adding loads of new tools and tech to make Giftpro more powerful than ever.
A bearded man with short dark hair and black rimmed glasses

Jonathan Daly


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November 2016


Dashboard version 2 – New feature roundup

Learn about Giftpro's updated user interface and powerful new features designed to make your life easier
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Richard Hull

Creative Director